ABRCMS 2023 Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What are the registration rates?

    • $625 | All Non-Students (Faculty, Program Directors, Administrators and Exhibitors)
    • $595 | Graduate and Postdoc
    • $565 | Undergrad, Postbac, Community College and High School
    • $125 | Non-student Virtual (online participation - excludes meals)
    • $100 | Student Virtual (online participation - excludes meals)

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Q: What are the cancellation/refund policies?

All registration cancellations must be in writing and received by Wednesday, October 25, 2023.  Please submit cancellation requests here.  A full refund or the conference fee, minus a $50 administrative fee, will be given for cancellations received by that date.  No refunds will be granted for requests postmarked after the deadline.

Q: I am a student and assisting with an exhibit. How should I register?

Students who will assist in an exhibit booth should register in the appropriate student category.

Q: How do I register a group?

Select “Groups (5+ Attendees).  Begin the registration process with the first registrant. Before payment, select "Add another registration." This will open a new registration record, which will begin a group. Keep adding all registrants, when all have been added, proceed to payment. All registrants you added in one session will be grouped together, and you can submit one payment for all registrants in your group.

Q: I registered a group and paid. Now I have to add another person.

Go to the dashboard and sign in with the registration ID of the first person in the group. Once in the dashboard, you can add additional attendees.

Q: When is payment due if I pay by ACH, wire transfer, or check?

Payment is due by October 17, 2023. Payments will be processed and applied to the registrant's record. Payments by ACH, wire transfer or check can take 5-10 days to process once received.

If your payment has not been received and applied by October 17, you will be asked to provide a credit card so ABRCMS can provide the access information for the virtual platform.

Session Proposals

Q: May I submit more than one proposal?

Yes. You may submit more than one proposal, but there must be an individual submission for each proposal. Speakers of diverse backgrounds and institutions are strongly recommended. Each submission will be reviewed independently, and all the fields must be completed in each proposal.

Q: How will my session be funded?

There are (3) available options, which are as follows:

  • Sponsored Session, Affiliated Event, or Reception: The sponsoring organization/institution will provide ABRCMS with $5,000 and be recognized in the conference app and final program
  • Funding by Speaker/Speaker’s Institution: The speaker/speaker’s institution will cover all expenses (e.g. registration, travel, and lodging) directly. Please note that ABRCMS will not be responsible for covering any expenses.
  • Requesting funding from ABRCMS: ABRCMS will cover expenses (registration, housing, and/or travel) for one session speaker only.

Q: Will ABRCMS cover the speaker’s ground transportation?

ABRCMS will not incur the cost of ground transportation to/from the airport or during the conference.

Graduate Symposium

Q: When and where is the ABRCMS Graduate Symposium held?

The ABRCMS Graduate Symposium will be held November 14–15, 2023 (1.5 days) at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown prior to the official start of the ABRCMS conference. The symposium will start at 8:00 a.m. on November 14. It is advisable for participants to arrive on the evening of November 13.

Q: Who are the targeted audience for the ABRCMS Graduate Symposium?

  • Graduate students (master’s- and doctoral levels) – 270
  • Nonstudents are encouraged to attend for networking purposes, mentoring, and providing scientific feedback – 30
  • Note: The symposium is first come, first serve, as there are 300 slots available.

Q: How do I register for the ABRCMS Graduate Symposium?

All participants must be registered for the main ABRCMS conference. Please know that you must check the box (Wish to Attend Graduate Symposium) at the time of registering for the ABRCMS conference to reserve your space.

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Q: Are (master’s-level) graduate students eligible to submit an abstract to present an oral presentation at the ABRCMS Graduate Symposium?

Oral presentations are limited to doctoral-level graduate students at the ABRCMS Graduate Symposium.

Q: Are travel awards available for Graduate Students?

Yes. ABRCMS is offering travel awards to help offset the costs of attending the conference.

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Q: Can I use a journal article as the basis of my abstract?

According to the ABRCMS policy on the use of journal articles in abstract submissions:

ABRCMS will only accept abstracts based on journal articles from the Social & Behavioral Sciences and Public Health discipline if an analysis has been conducted. In addition, the disciplines of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics and Computational and Systems Biology are permitted to use data sets, bioinformatic software, mathematical algorithms, etc. extracted from journal articles. Otherwise, journal articles should not be used as the basis for an abstract.

Q:  Am I able to use the research I conducted in the past as the basis of my abstract?

Yes. You can use the research you have conducted in the past as the basis of your abstract. You MUST get permission from your past research advisor and Principal Investigator in order to submit. Please note, you cannot submit an abstract from a previous ABRCMS.

Q: Can I submit an abstract for an oral and poster presentation?

No. You can only submit an abstract for an oral OR poster presentation. If an abstract is accepted into the conference but is not selected for oral presentation, that abstract is automatically assigned to a poster presentation.

Q: I conducted my research with a group. Can we all submit one abstract?

No. Only one person can submit and present an abstract. Each person from the group must submit a unique abstract.

Q: Are there Travel Awards available to attend the conference?

Yes, ABRCMS 2023 is offering three types of Travel Awards – Graduate Student Travel Award, Student Travel Award and Judge Travel Award.

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ePoster Presentations

Q: Will ePoster presentations be judged?

Yes, ePoster presentations will be judged. On Saturday, Nov. 18, ePoster presenters will present their research live to conference attendees, including judges, in their own video chat room. Judges will use the same rubric as the in-person poster presenters to evaluate the ePoster presenters. As with the in-person conference, master's level graduate students and previous awardees are not eligible for presentation awards. Awardees will be announced during the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, Nov. 18. The Awards Ceremony will be broadcasted virtually on the conference mobile app.

Q: Is there a cost to participate in the ePoster presentations?

Yes. All presenters must register for the conference. A virtual registration will be available Student Travel Awards are available, the application deadline is September 1.

Q: Who can view the ePoster presentations?

Only those who have registered for the conference will be able to view ePoster presentations.

Q: Are there opportunities for feedback/interaction on ePoster presentations?

Yes. Three judges will be assigned to each ePoster presentation and will provide verbal feedback to ePoster presenters.


Q: Do individuals who are willing to judge need to register for the conference?

Yes. All judges must be registered attendees. Judge Travel Award is available, the application deadline is August 22.

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Q: Will judges provide feedback?

Yes. Judges will provide verbal feedback to both ePoster presenters and in-person presenters.

Can’t Attend ABRCMS 2023? – Join us Virtually

Q: What is the registration rate for the virtual component of ABRCMS 2023?

The virtual registration rate is

  • $125 | Non-student Virtual (online participation - excludes meals)
  • $100 | Student Virtual (online participation - excludes meals)

Q: How do I register for the virtual ABRCMS 2023?

Q: What is the time zone for ABRCMS 2023?

Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Q: When will the conference app become available to the public?

The conference app will be available by November 1.

Q: How can I access ePoster presentations?

In October an email will be sent to all registered attendees with a link to the ePoster platform, Fourwaves. In addition, the link will be available on the conference app. Please note, you must use the email you used to register for the conference to gain access to the ePoster presentations.

Q: Will all sessions be live-streamed?

Most sessions will be live-streamed and identified accordingly in the conference app.

Q: When will the link for the live stream be available?

The live stream links will be available in the conference app prior to the start of each session. You may log in via your mobile device, laptop, tablet, or desktop (Google Chrome is preferred).

Q: How can I pose a question to the speaker?

You will utilize the chat feature and a moderator will convey your question as time allows.

Q: How can I chat with other conference attendees?

You may add attendees to your network in the conference app and message each other by clicking on the Networking feature.

Q: How long will I have access to the sessions within the conference app?

The conference app will be available until March 2024.

Q: Can I claim CME credits?

CME credits are not offered.

Exhibits & Sponsorship

Q: How many conference registrations are included with the purchase of an exhibit booth?

One (1) full conference registration is included with each 10’ x 10’ exhibit booth purchase. Additional registrations can be purchased. The primary booth contact will receive an email with login credentials to register and book housing for booth personnel.

Q: Do additional exhibitors and student helpers need to register for the conference?

Yes, every individual entering the exhibit hall must register and pay the appropriate fee. The conference registration site opens in May.

Q: I’m a first-time ABRCMS exhibitor. What is the typical makeup of exhibitors who staff the booths?

ABRCMS encourages a team approach to exhibit. Ideally, each team includes one graduate dean or admissions director, one graduate student, one research faculty member, and one postdoctoral scientist.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of exhibit booths an exhibitor or university/institution can purchase?

No, there is no limit.

Q: As an exhibitor, can I promote job opportunities?

Exhibitors who have purchased a recruiter package/interview room are able to recruit and promote job opportunities to Graduate Students only. Exhibitors who have not purchased a recruiter package/interview room should only promote opportunities that encourage students to pursue advanced education and training.

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Q: How can I ship exhibit materials to ABRCMS?

Freeman is the official ABRCMS shipping provider. Shipping information will be included in the Exhibitor Service Manual distributed two months prior to the conference. If an outside company is used, Freeman will charge an additional fee for accepting, storing, delivering, and returning ALL packages regardless of weight.

Q: Will security be provided for my personal and exhibit items during the conference?

ABRCMS provides general security throughout the conference. Exhibitors are required to take precautions against theft and not leave materials unattended.

Q: How do I cancel my exhibit booth registration?

Cancellations must be received in writing by Thursday, September 11, 2023, to receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be issued after September 22. The cancellation form must be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for processing.

Q: When will housing and registration open?

May 2023

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